Pakistan is considered one of the leading countries globally for outsourcing digital marketing and IT services. Pakistan has an edge in high-end technology adoption for churning out excellent IT and digital services for both national and international organizations.
The Government of Pakistan on both federal and provincial levels emphasizes high priority on the growth of the IT industry, including the software development sector.

Every year the rate of IT and digital resources are growing tremendously because the government and private sectors have invested aggressively in the development of new IT educational institutions and short training programs to accelerate the growth of the most demanding skills.

The core investments are made around the most substantial services that the world needs to carry out business productively. These services include cloud computing, cybersecurity applications, e-commerce, software companies, virtual and augmented reality, digital marketing, and so on.

Pakistan is currently the fourth largest freelance service provider after India, Bangladesh, and the United States indicating a huge inclination of global employers towards outsourcing IT and digital services from Pakistan.

There are several other reasons that attract global buyers to outsource from Pakistan. Some of the most common reasons are as follows:

Common Reasons Global Companies Outsource From Pakistan

Cost Savings:
One of the main reasons companies outsource to Pakistan is to take advantage of lower labor costs. Pakistan has a large pool of skilled workers who are willing to work for lower wages compared to their counterparts in developed countries. Lower wages and quality work attract international companies to outsource and save their costs.

Access To A Skilled Workforce:
Pakistan has a large pool of skilled workers, particularly in the fields of information technology, software development, and customer service. This makes it an attractive destination for companies that need access to a skilled workforce but are struggling to find such talent in their home country.

Improved Efficiency:
By outsourcing to Pakistan, companies can take advantage of the time zone difference and have work done around the clock. This can lead to faster turnaround times and improved efficiency.

Language Proficiency:
Pakistan has a large English-speaking population, which makes it an attractive destination for companies that require English-language customer support or other services.

Government Incentives:
The government of Pakistan has introduced several incentives for foreign companies looking to invest in the country, such as tax holidays and exemptions.

Top Companies To Outsource From Pakistan

There are so many emerging IT companies, software houses, and digital marketing firms that are considered best for outsourcing by international industry leaders. Here are some of the top IT companies in Pakistan:

Systems Limited
Founded in 1977, Systems Limited is one of the oldest and most respected IT companies in Pakistan. It provides a range of services including software development, cloud computing, and business process outsourcing.

Netsol Technologies
Netsol Technologies is a global software solutions provider that was founded in Pakistan in 1995. The company specializes in enterprise software for the automotive and financial services industries.

Techlogix is a leading software development company that provides customized IT solutions to businesses across a range of industries, including banking and finance, healthcare, and retail.

TRG Pakistan
TRG Pakistan is a leading provider of business process outsourcing and IT services, with a focus on the telecoms, finance, and healthcare sectors.

Teradata is a global technology company that provides data analytics solutions to businesses around the world. It has a significant presence in Pakistan and works with a range of clients in industries such as retail, banking, and telecommunications.

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